Writing Tip Of The Week - Record Your Ideas As Soon As They Appear.

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Writing Tip Of The Week - Record Your Ideas As Soon As They Appear.

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Last Friday, I went to Ikotun for an exercise. Quite unfortunate, I couldn't do it. While I was still on the premises, a thought crossed my mind and after immediately I noted it down in my notepad. WHile inside the BRT bus from Oshodi to Ajah, I started writing an article on it. I didn't finish it. I will tonight. Perhaps will share it here tomorrow.

Did you get it? Ok.

Once, I went to the mosque to say afternoon prayer. Before I left the mosque, I scribbled some words on my book. Later in the day, I finished writing an article on it.
Did you get the point now?

Ideas do not have a house. They are the greatest and the biggest "area boys" I ever known. Even street poles are coming after them.

I was only going to a place I can't remember now a long time ago and then saw on a school board, "Do well your part". It was both inspiring and instructive. They are the things I like to read and write about. I typed it on my phone as I had no book or note with me - one of those rare time you see me without one. After few days, I wrote an article on it and get it published.

As it is said, "ideas don't come fully formed. They come in a flash". Same with writing. If you wait for when you will have a fully formed book writing idea or an article, you will wait till when Arsenal Fc would probably win Uefa Champions League. Probably I said o. No vex if you are an Arsenal fan. I am one too. The point here is that writing ideas don't come like a baby. rather like a foetus. You need to keep the foetus immediately to have a baby.

I was once asked by a group of would-be-writers where and how do I get articles for my writing. As if I have an oil well of writing. I did tell them some suggestions but on top of it was that I go along with a jotter-like book which serves as my bank ideas. Even things that are not related to writing but are good and pursuable ideas are written there as soon as they appear. That is why you will rarely see me without a book and a pen.

Steven De Souza has this to say as far as recording your ideas as soon as they appear.
"I believe in free association. I always carry a bunch of three-by-five cards where I write ideas that come to me - bits of dialogue or odd observations. Eventually, a couple of them will collide to form a whole new idea or they will achieve a critical mass, and a light bulb will flash in my head and I will say that's a story"

One beautiful thing about recording your idea as soon as they appear is that you have a well of ideas to write about. You will rarely be short of what to write about (more on this later in future). Writing block would be strange to you when people say it. This is one of the secrets of prolific writers. Wouldn't you like to be called one?

Now that you have recorded the ideas down as they appear, how do you they do not die prematurely or eventually in your notepad? Stay tuned till Wednesday when I will share with you how not to in my Wednesday Writer's Challenge. Till then, do remember that it is better to throw out an idea you later find to be unimportant than forget an idea you later need.

To your writing success, I am committed.

Abolore Kazeem.
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