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Writing Tip Of The Week – Write For Yourself

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There are two kinds of writers in the writing space. Those who write for others and those who write for themselves. Those who write for others write to impress and not express. You see them use big diction necessary or not. Clumsy sentences. Their craving for the impression is written all over their write-ups. All they want is “that writer is a great writer” or similar praise. They write for others instead of themselves.

Those who write for themselves write to express. All they want to do is air their opinion. Whether they get public approval or not. Even though they are cautious of their diction, they do not mind getting it wrong as long as their message is gotten. Whether readers praise them or not they hold their head high. They write for themselves.

Which category do you belong.? Do you write to get praised and applause or you write to air your ideas, messages or experience?

I got aware early in my writing career not to and how not to write for others because the urge is always there. After all, who doesn’t want to get praised? Reality is that the less you crave for public approval, the more you get it. Why? Because when you write to express, you will be original. And guess what? The world appreciates originality. I do tell people that I enjoy myself better when I talk freely and real and my audience does enjoy my lecture than when I talk preprogrammed with the intent of impressing. I know because I listen to the feedback of when I am real and when I am not. The most satisfying feedback did come when I express myself irrespective of whatever anyone would say – condemnation or commendation.

There are many disadvantages of writing for others but the biggest is that you would be acting fake. Not using the original words that come to your mind. Trying to be what you are not. Ultimately, you will lose touch with your readers and consequently the less praise you craved for you get. It is ironical.

The message is this: be real and original in your writing as a writer or would-be-writer. Stop writing for others. Write for yourself. It is more satisfying to be your real self and not get commendations than fake it and get dozens of unreal commendations. You would be killing your writing that way.

How do you not write for others? Or better still, how do you ensure you maintain the spirit to write for yourself despite the temptation to impress others?

You should know by now that I don’t mention a problem (challenge) without proffering a tested, trusted and doable solution. That is one of my originality too.

I will be sharing how not to write for others on Wednesday in my Writers' Challenge series. Do lurk around.

Abolore Kazeem is my name and I am committed to your writing success.

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."
Cyril Connolly

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