Writers' Challenge - Choosing The Right Word

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Writers' Challenge - Choosing The Right Word

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Words are powerful. They are the means by which we convey our messages, ideas, and thoughts to the word. You discern this my very article because of the words. The wrong use of just a word can disrupt the meaning of a whole text.
The Police interrogated Mr. Kazeem is different in meaning with The Police queried Mr. Kazeem even as the two verbs involved shows passing/moving of information. A misuse in one of the two can completely change the meaning of a text. That is how far a word can affect your article.

The hallmark of a writer is known when and how he uses his words at the right place and time. What people really admire in a writer among others is his ability in using the right words not only at the right place but also at the right time. This definitely is a challenge to writers. It does happen at times that you would know what you want to say but the befitting word would fail you. This can really be frustrating. To worsen the case, no two words are exactly the same in meaning. As close in meaning as "characteristics" and "features" are, there is a tiny difference in them and the time of their usage are also different. That is English.

If you are a writer and you are blessed with the art of mastery of using the right words at the suitable time and place, I bet, you are king. The world is at your finger. You are in control. If you are not, like any other art, you can learn it and over time you become mastery in it.

Here I highlight 3 ways you can master the art of choosing the right words because as a writer, there is an imperative need to know when to use a particular word so that your readers would not have a different meaning to your thoughts and messages. Your words, if you use them timely and correctly, will pass your ideas to your readers exactly as you conceptualized it in your mind.

1. Read wide. As a writer - fiction or non-fiction, versatility is necessary and you can be versatile only when you read from different tabloids. Sport. Economy. Politics. Romance. Entertainment. Etc. The day you will know its importance is the day you want to use a word in an industry and find it handy. Don't limit your scope. Let it be as wide as it can. It is said that the human brain is elastical, the more it consumes, the more it expands. The less it consumes, the more it shrinks. So read wide to master the art of choosing the right words.

2. Enrol into Word For The Day class. Dictionary dot com is a good one and that I use. Every day, around 5 pm, I receive a new word and its meaning in my email. Examples are also given in some. That gives you more insight about the word. There are apps too that can be downloaded on play store. It takes years for dictionaries to be revised and not all of us get the latest edition still. The easiest route is to subscribe to daily new words newsletter. In 30 days, you would have known 30 new words. That's awesome. Do subscribe to one today.

3. Use the new words you learn. Until you use what you learn, learning has not really taken place. In your articles, regular Facebook posts, conversations with others, use them. Let there be a transfer of the knowledge from you. It amounts to almost nothing if you acquire the meaning of 30 different words in 30 days without using anyone. The reverse of an unused knowledge is deterioration plus you are not too different from the man who didn't acquire them. For this, use it. Word of caution though. Don't bore your readers by using big grammar in every sentence and burden them by having them to check their mobile dictionary after every sentence. it kills the flow of your message and the interest of the readers as well. Use it but be moderate.

To your writing success, I am committed.

Abolore Kazeem.
Author, Write To Stardom (How To Write Irresistible Articles That Keeps Readers Glued To You From A-Z)
I am an Amazon #1 Bestselling author of Write To Stardom (How To Write Irresistible Articles That Keep Readers Glued To You From A-Z)

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