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Writing Tip of The Week - Writing Triggers

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Every action - good or bad, positive or negative - has what triggers it. Hunger triggers eating. Dozing triggers sleeping. Intimating with one's partner has it triggers too. An action triggered writing this article.
I searched through my mind while writing this to see when I did an act due (aside from writing) I would ordinarily not do due to a trigger but couldn't see. Maybe because I was writing spontaneously. Maybe not.
What triggers you to do read. What triggers you to write? What triggers you to do daring things?
Don't confuse this with inspiration or motivation. It might have an element of both but it is not. Let me help tell you what a trigger is.
A trigger, says Mary Jaksch, the owner of write to done dot com, is a regularly occurring event that immediately precedes a habit (in this case writing). The stronger the association with the trigger, the stronger the habit (writing).
That cleared.
So what triggers you to do read, write or do daring things?
For me, buying books and seeing them on the shelf triggers me to read. Waiting in line for my turn in a place triggers me to read. (More reason I go about with a book). The desire and love for writing is another trigger for my reading. And more importantly, the desire to acquire knowledge and ultimately transfer it. Does exam trigger me to read? Before now, yes. In the last 3 years, at the dying minute.
What triggers me to write - the purpose of this article? Three things. Discovery of new knowledge. Reading. Meditating.
Discovery of a new thing - knowledge, tips especially triggers me most to write. This I can pay to do it (and I do pay). My first and second book, Write To Stardom and A-Z of Effective Teaching respectively, was borne out of the discovery of a knowledge/tips.
Reading to me is part of my diet. And there is rarely a time I will read that I will not have something to write even if a paragraph. And for your personal motivation, this is a son of an unlettered two humans who met where only they and God knows at this time. Not new anyway. I digress. Reading also triggers me to write.
When I read, intermittently I pause, think about what I read, think when and where I can use what I just read. Then move on. That is meditating. Sometimes this takes 2-3 minutes. Other times more. It had taken me 20 minutes once. More importantly, it sparked me to write. This is why I am a slow reader. It could take me a month before I finish a book and still not finish reading it!
My question again. What triggers you to write? If you don't know or do not have, let me help you a little. That's what I do after all.
I am sorry, I cannot help with that. I honestly tried to but could not. There are different things that trigger us to do the same thing. All I could do is to tell you what triggers me to write. Suffix to say, however, is that you can use writing triggers to enhance, improve and enchant you writing - regularly - as I have used it for mine.
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