Understanding Oil & Gas Industry: Upstream vs Midstream vs Downstream vs Oil Servicing

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Understanding Oil & Gas Industry: Upstream vs Midstream vs Downstream vs Oil Servicing

Post by Jarus » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:54 pm

Upstream (Exploration & Production) companies: These are companies that are established to explore and produce crude oil or crude gas. Some hold licenses to produce crude oil, some partner with those that have licences in joint venture arrangement. Upstream is generally the most lucratve aspect of oil and gas business but it is also by far the most capital intensive. We have supplied the list of E & P companies in Nigeria below.

Downstream companies: Downstream business involves marketing and distribution of fuel products after they have been refined. All the filling stations, lube plants, domestic gas sales outlets are all downstream activities. Supply and trading (exporting crude oil and importing fuel products) as well as terminaling is also part of downstream oil and gas business. So all those terminals and tank farms you see in Apapa are into downstream business.
Midstream companies: Midstream is in-between upstream and downstream. While upstream deals with extracting the hydrocarbon resources from the earth and downstream deals with marketing them after processing, midstream deals with processing the crude oil or gas gas as well the infrastructure. So refining (oil processing) is midstream. Gas processing is midstream. Companies whose business is building pipelines or processing plants for its own use or lease is into midstream.

Oil servicing companies: These are specialist contractors that help upstream (and sometimes downstream) companies carry out their projects. A simple analogy is this: A house owner is the one that buys the land and brings money to build the house which he will eventually, but there are specialist professionals he will use in building the house as he cannot do it himself. These experts include architects, bricklayers, carpenter, aluminium providers, surveyors, suppliers of labourers etc. Ghana oil3The house owner is the upstream company, the specialists are the oil servicing companies. Just as we have different experts specializing in different aspects of house construction or maintenance as listed above, we have oil servicing firms with difference specializations. Some of the oil servicing specializations include drilling, seismics, logistics, survey, mud logging, data processing, well services, reservoir services etc. Oil products shipping and logistics companies, and even oil and gas manpower supply companies are also sometimes classified as oil servicing firms.

Source: http://www.jarushub.com/list-of-oil-gas ... servicing/

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