7 Ways A Healthy Smile Makes You Look Younger

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7 Ways A Healthy Smile Makes You Look Younger

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1. It’s a sign of good health.

You would be surprised how many health complications can come from poor dental hygiene. When your teeth are in great order it’s a good sign that the rest of you is healthy.

Inflammation is one of the most damaging things your body can face, often leading to heart diseases and strokes. One of the key causes for inflammation is infection through your mouth due to a buildup of bacteria.

People with gum disease are 40% more likely to have a chronic condition, so by taking care of your mouth you may be protecting yourself from health complication.

2. People associate smiling with youth.

A study in Germany had 150 men and women guess the ages people from over 1,000 photographs. They found that happy faces were voted as the youngest looking…2 years younger than their poker-faced counterparts!

Having a healthy smile can improve your confidence causing you to use it more and show off your happy youthful side.

3. Smiling makes you less stressed

There was an interesting experiment carried out by the Wall Street Journal where individuals were tricked by holding chopsticks with their mouth in such a way it caused them to smile.

The results showed that those who smiled actually had lower stress levels and were able to complete challenges more effectively.

While we don’t advocate fake smiles (nor chewing on chopsticks), making more of a conscious effort to smile at people in your life can ultimately lead to a less stressed, younger looking you.

4. Stained teeth are associated with old age.
Stained teeth are caused by:
1. Coffee.
2. Red wine
3. Sodas
5. Tobacco.
Often in old age teeth start to turn to yellow and lose their pearly white qualities.

You can flip the script on looking older by having a healthy smile.

5. Metallic fillings are from a bygone era.

Dental practices have changed and moved on from the old school silver metallic fillings. New treatments are available that replace gray fillings with tooth-colored replacements that blend into your smile.

A mouth still sparkling in the sun (from metal and not lovely white teeth) can reveal your age, showing that you had dental work done many years ago.

By having old fillings replaced you can look younger and make sure that the only people who know about your fillings are you and your dentist.

6. Smiling is good for the immune system.
When we give a great big smile our bodies actually release endorphins.

Endorphins are great because they make us feel happy but they also have been proven to strengthen the immune system which in turn keeps us healthier.

Remember, a healthy you is also a younger looking you!

7. A healthy smile can lead to a good night’s sleep.
Snoring and teeth grinding are both dental issues that can be linked to sleep apnea.
When an individual grinds their teeth at night time it sends signals to their brain to wake them up. This constant ‘waking up’ process can lead to some very serious complications, the least of which being exhaustion.

Many professionals are beginning to see the links between sleep apnea and dental care. Who knew that a healthy smile could lead to better sleep?

Sleep has been championed for many years as the ultimate way to slow down the aging process. Sleep affects pretty much every area of our life and good shut eye will lead to more energy, greater health and a younger looking version of ourselves.

https://dentalgist.ng/7-ways-a-healthy- ... ok-younger
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