10 Most Powerful Ways To Write Headlines That Are Catchy

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10 Most Powerful Ways To Write Headlines That Are Catchy

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We starting this week with learning 3 of the 10 most powerful ways to write headlines that are catchy.

Things you will learn:
1. Intro
2. How to write catchy headlines and examples for each (personal and renowned authors)
3. What to do.

So let's begin.

1. Introduction.

I don't know about you but for me the very first thing aside the name of the writer, that attracts me to read an article, blog post etc is the title or the headline.

I am also very convinced that more than half of my audience gets to read my articles because the titles are not only inviting but also scintillating.

If you desire is to be a well known writer, one of the very first things you must work on is how to write an eye catching and interesting headline.

Read what David Aston of incomediary said about the importance of headline.

"Creating engaging headlines is the most important part of copywriting (or any type of writing for that matter).

It’s also the most fun.

Don’t be afraid to put a significant amount of mental energy into your headlines…

Your title is what audiences recall, even more so than the content itself.

It’s what’s displayed in the search results and their bookmarks menu – setting the stage for the entire blog post."

Now you see why you must by all means learn and use how to craft great headlines.

So let's proceed to the next section.

2. How To Write Catchy Headlines.

Here I will mention just three of the ten and utterly appeal to you to practise them before our next class.

2i. SECRET. [Number] Secrets to [Achieve Desire Outcome]

Example. Mine: 5 Top Secrets to be a Loving Husband.

Others: 10 Powerful Secrets of Bestselling Authors.

2ii. HOW TO. How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

Example. Mine: How to Achieve Your Dream in Quickest Time

Others: How to Move From Where You are to Where You Want to be

2iii. ULTIMATE LIST.[Number] Ways to [Achieve an Outcome]

Example. Mine: 5 Creative Ways To Stop Procrastination.

Others: 201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity.

Now before we move to the next section, there are some characteristics that are common to the above ways of crafting headlines. Can you spot them? Let me help you with that.

a. They solve a problem. (2ii and 2iii)
b. They show the problem can be solved within a short time (2i and 2ii).
c. They show superiority (2i)

Now we move to the next and the last section.

3. What to do.

In learning anything, there is what is called accelerated learning. What that simply means is that what you can do that can make you learn fast and see result fast.

Here what will help you to see result your so much desire is to practise what is learned.

Hence, here are what to do:

Craft 2 headlines for each of the ways we have discussed above (making it 6 in all) and post in the comment section.

We shall meet next Sunday, God's willing, for another 3 of the 10 Most Powerful Ways To Write Catchy Headlines.

Till then, to your writing success, I am committed.

Kazeem Abolore S (KAS).
Creative Writer. Author. Innovative Teacher.
I am an Amazon #1 Bestselling author of Write To Stardom (How To Write Irresistible Articles That Keep Readers Glued To You From A-Z)

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