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Importance Computer Aided Design to Engineering students.

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How important it is for Engineering student to learn CAD like SolidWorks or any other 3d modelling software and ANSYS?
In this age of using computers I do not understand why Student Engineers shy away from using these advanced software tools. (Personal opinion: Probably because they believe that computer programming is extremely difficult and not their cup of tea)

By now, the institutes should have had included the use of such software tools in their standard curriculum. Being an Engineer, there are various tasks that can be done very easily using these software tools. In essence, they have been built to make modeling, equation solving and simulations easier and more accurate.

The major software tools that you should be ideally be comfortable in working with includes (but not limited to) MATLAB/Mathematica, Catia/AutoCad, Ansys, PDMS, Autodesk Inventor

If you have an opportunity to explore and learn these software tools, please take it up seriously. They are not only a plus point in your resume but also helpful for your final year projects, industry projects or in research field that you might do in the future. 8-) 8-) 8-)
This is very true, though i don't think Engr'ng students shy away from it cos it's difficult, but cos they really don't know the relevance of such to their field (personal experience). I learnt AutoCAD during my Industrial Training, and it has stuck with me since then. I hope our tertiary curriculum will be reviewed and improvements be made.
Auto cad is a prerequisite of engineering graduate... I have been opportuned to work with conducting Senior Engineers to NSE exam and one of the test is based on knowledge of Auto Cad
A Mastery Of Even Atleast One Of These Softwares Is A Plus.
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