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DIY Website Building ;Create a Website Without Coding

Moderator: whoami

Click to install the Sydney WordPress theme
Then activate
The theme is activated!!!

The Sydney theme works best with the help of some plugins, these plugins are suggested,
thus we will install these plugins and install and our theme will be ready
Install and activate the plugins, and we are good to go
Let's preview our progress so far
And here is the beautiful website we have been building all along.

What do you guys think? There's still a lot of work to be done, but we are making good progress ain't we? I am taking a break for now, hopefully a short one.
Next we would be creating pages for our website and also show you how to create blog posts. And let you know the difference between posts and pages.
Do practice and have fun doing so. Till next I come around, stay blessed.

Leave questions, comments and suggestions below by replying to this thread. I will love to get your feedbacks.

Note:Hope you guys noticed something, that I am creating this website with my mobile phone. So you have no excuse not to practice this tutorial, you can practice with your mobile phones if you have no laptop or computer system close by.