Introducing Macaroon Coding (Professional Learning Platform) for Teachers and NYSC Members

Coding is, generally speaking, the means by which you control and communicate with a machine or computer, and this general world of coding is broken down into specific programming languages. HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP are among the particular coding languages that make up the infrastructure bringing you all the digital things. Coding skills will take you from being a passive participant in the digital world to an active player in the field of tech, a move that brings personal and professional enrichment along with it.
Not only will it open the doors to a rewarding and flexible career in tech, but it will make you indispensable in that career. Tech is more than just coding, but without code there is no tech. By learning how to code you’ll be equipped to both land the job you love and be at the irreplaceable center of the tech industry.

We provide Professional Coding Classes called #MacaroonCoding4Adults for free exclusively for Teachers and NYSC Members. This is a week free Professional Learning Program to train interested schools/group of Corp Members. It's detailed, completely practical and 100% free. Courses includes Web Programming, Hardware Engineering and Microsoft Office Apps. Thousands of students have benefited from our Macaroon Coding for Students and more schools are signing up daily. Our #MacaroonCoding for kids info in which thousands of kids are currently benefiting from can be found on our website and social media pages. Macaroon4Adult starts soon! #comingSoon #MacaroonCoding4Adults #Rollascriptings #Macaroonians
Need more info? Send an email to or Send a message via whatsapp to +2349085089455. Please #reshare #repost as someone on your contact could benefit from this. Thanks