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In Need Of Hand Tinko Embroidery Designs To Your Native Wears?

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Hand tinko embroidery designs are very popular design been stiched to any native wears;kaftan, materials, sheda/guinea clothes in the northern part of the country, it is popularly called "Dinki haanu" or "Aiki haanu".
Hand tinko designs are preferred to machine embroidery design due to many reasons such as;
°Its dynamic styles on any native wears/attires.
°Its flexibility and ability to blend/form on any native wears.
°Its longlastedness/everlasting due to high quality of thread being used.
Among other things.
Down in the south part of the country here, the rate at which people are doing hand tinko embroidery designs to their native wears has been very alarming,perhaps, due to its above mentioned attributes.
But it is quite unfortunate that only few people/fashion designers get the services of expert hand tinko designers, due to their scarcity in most places.
Infact, some people /fashion designers go as far as Sabo, where those Malams doing hand tinko design concentrated.Which put some people/fashion designers off ;because of the stress and other conditions attached.
In lieu of the above difficulties been faced by the people/fashion designers before they could get their hand tinko embroidery designs done , WE HEREBY BRING You OUR FASHION AND HAND TINKO EMBROIDERY DESIGNS empire to your door step.See samples below ⬇
For further enquiries on terms and conditions of our service ☎ 07033614033
Give us a trial and you'll surely be convinced....


Are you saying, you would come meet the person that needs the design?
If the condition warrant to meet anybody in need of our services, I'll be obliged to meet such person(s) in their abode. T&S applied sha :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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