5 Business Lessons For Freelance Writers and Online Entrepreneurs.

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5 Business Lessons For Freelance Writers and Online Entrepreneurs.

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So I make a Facebook post yesterday after five days of being passive.

It's not obligatory I post every day. Like I always say that I don't make a post because I want to or have to. I do because I have what to post.

So between Monday and Friday, I only liked or reacted to posts here.


It's for a good reason. The one that soothes the heart and "fills" the purse. But also came with some few lessons - the reason I am doing this.

Around this time last Sunday, a new client brought a writing offer and after all said, we both had a good bargain. But there was one hurdle - the timeline the client gave. She gave a delivery time of 48 hours for a writing of 4 different but similar works.


I understand why she did so - to assess my productivity and efficiency.

I accepted after about 15 minutes musings and mind mapping.

I did for two reasons. One, and perhaps the real reason. The guy needs money like oxygen. "If it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense". If money doesn't motivate you to accept clients' work, I don't know what would. Na money we dey use buy data nah. The drop will aid the fulfillment of some needs.

Two, equally important, was that the client looks promising. Yeah. We might do bigger and better works in the future. So let me seize this to retain her.

In a jiffy, I swung into work like groom does with his new bride.

Lo and behold, I delivered it as promised. After the delivery, because of the rigors, I went through, I had to go on a voluntary lay off from Facebook and other media.

But then, after the delivery, I reminisced about how the job went and as usual, drew some life and personal lessons from it and that is what I want to share with us.

1. Timeliness. The client requested for the kind of writer she wanted in a group where there are many writers but I happened to be the first to show interest. By the time another person would, she did say she had gotten a person even when we had not reached an agreement then. Position yourself well where you will be needed not where you will not. Show up always. Time is of the essence.

2. Preparation. The very first thing she asked was, "can you show me some of your works?". In the writing space, it is called social proof. It's like when a potential promoter asked an up and coming artiste to send his single.

Within minutes, I sent her two of my works. Not only that, I included the link to the writings so she knew it is authentic. She loved both the work and my swiftness in showing her.

Always be prepared and have handy your proofs. Opportunity will always come but as they said, it is only the prepared that will grab them. Remember the saying that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. Even if the opportunity doesn't come in time, you would have done your homework. Do get yourself prepared.

3. Volunteerism. I said in one project I had done but stopped halfway that one of the very best timeless and tested ways of accomplishing your goals is to selflessly offer to help a group, an organization or an entity.

The platform I wrote the articles I sent to the client is not mine. I only volunteered to write there. Was my intention is to one day share the link with a prospective client? Never thought of it. Only did to showcase my writings and maybe one day have mine or one day gather the thoughts that have same theme and package as a book.

But see where the volunteerism pays off.

Such is the dividend of servitude.

Where are you volunteering?

As a big boss will say, "you can't offer for a fee what you don't offer for free".

4. Independence. Not funny. The power holding company almost put sand for my garri.

I have always read it that Discos can mar a business for one but I only encountered it with telecoms, not the powerless power company. I always have my way. I do charge my devices in the office but on that day, something led to the other, I didn't go.

After doing the work by 80% and no faintest hope they will restore the light, and generating set refused to cooperate while my system battery is fast draining, I had to find elsewhere to charge.

So in your life, business and what have you, be independent of things not in your control. Make somebody no come call you "lazy" not knowing "they" are the reason you are seemingly "lazy".

Be independent.

5. Know Thy Self. After all said and done, it boils down to knowing oneself. I knew I could not only complete the work within the stipulated time do so with finesse. If it were what I couldn't, no amount of responsibility needing bearing or how promising a client would make me oblige. I would kindly tell the client to give me till a particular time to finish it. It's simple. Honesty pays.

So, know thyself. Be honest to yourself and to others.

There you have it. Which of the lessons do you find most impacting?

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