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Marketing Real Estate Business

Post by nblinks »

Many of my colleagues have always ask the question about the most effective way to market a real estate business. As a matter of fact, we all need to market our business; no matter what we do. Therefore, I came up with this few stuff that may help us all on marketing our property business as an agent.

1. Have an online presence
You first step in getting results with marketing your real estate business is to have an online presence. And I will recommend you have your own website.
With your website, you have lots of advantages; as a matter of fact, you have a better control over your business with a good website.
In addition, your website act as your shop front. You need to make it as attractive and inviting as possible to your clients and prospects.

2. Go Social
It is no news anymore that social media is now a platform where many activities are taking place.
Take advantage of these platforms to place your products and services in front of the right audience.
Another good thing about these platforms is that they give you opportunities to create groups within it; also, you can be in different groups too. It will be at your benefit to create of belong to groups that has prospects within it.

For example, I once created a property investment group on Facebook; to my surprise, the group helped generated over 50% of my clients in 2018. As at the end of May 2019, it has already generated over 45% of my clients.

3. Use professional images
Images speak volume. If you are to market your real estate to prospective clients, you need to conduct your business in a professional manner. Try to use professional images for the properties you are trying to market to your audience.

This should go for images on your own website, as well as those you are using on social media platform.

4. Engage in online marketing strategy
Having an online present is key for your real estate business; but, developing a strong marketing strategy is even more important.
Therefor, a well-presented online presence is key to reaching the masses, so be sure what you put out on the Internet is not only beautiful, but intrigues and interests your audience so that they linger a little longer, share your information, or message and visit again.
I will recommend the use of search engine optimization (SEO); on most occasion, it gives you a better result.

5. Go into partnership
There are different types of partnership you can go for here. You can decide to team up with other real estate professional or real estate marketing partners; such as property for sale websites around the world.
With partnership with other property agents, you need to set the term and condition of operations. In addition, you need to also weigh the benefits that this kind of partnership will bring to the table.

On the other hand, partnership with other property advertising websites in Nigeria may come with its own benefits; but you may have to come up with advertising budget. Although there a free property advertising website out there. The question is, will they give you the kind of leverage you need?

If you know of any other ways that may be good for agents to market there business, I will encourage you to contribute here.

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Re: Marketing Real Estate Business

Post by KoyBeck »

This is actually a good write-up on real estate. The four points mentioned are actually good for marketing landed property business. Thank you for sharing.

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