Top 5 Reasons to Use Technology in the Classroom

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Technology in the Classroom

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According to recent stats, 72% of teachers use LCD or DLP projectors in the classroom and 81% of teachers think that tablets can enrich classroom learning.

If you are involved in education, as a student, a teacher, a librarian or an assistant, you probably know how beneficial it can be to use technology in everyday classroom. It saves much time and money, because you can find many resources and tools that are free and help you finish your job in a more efficient way.

Here we wanted to single out top five reasons to rely on technology in education.

1. Quick and Easy Access to Online Materials

Whether you are a teacher, a class coordinator or a student, you don’t need to flip through the pages in order to make a lesson plan, or to find materials for your research papers. If you haven’t brought all the books with you, you can use your laptop to find materials online.

There are a lot of websites with free ebooks, lesson plans and exercises. If you know what you are looking for, rest assured you will find it on the Internet. Pinterest and are also good ways to find teachers’ resources. If you are a student, you can find various resources, books, tutorials and courses online.

2. Edit Presentation Slides

PowerPoint presentations are widely used among teachers and class coordinators, especially for creating lesson plans. Thanks to PDF to PowerPoint converter, you can reuse old slides that were saved in a PDF. Since the layout of .ppt slides can be easily altered when moved to another computer, presentations are usually saved in a PDF format which keeps the document safe from changes. In addition to that, presentations are saved as a PDF before printing.

Given that it’s pretty hard to edit the PDF version of your slides, thanks to such PDF conversion tools you can change the file format anytime you want. With such advanced PDF and OCR technology, you can even edit paper materials online, without need to retype everything.

3. Collaborate with Colleagues and Students

One of the top reasons why technology has brought much benefit into education world is the fact that teachers and students can communicate and collaborate easier. With the rise of cloud tools, especially Google Drive, Dropbox, you can work together with your students or track their progress online.

Moreover, you can share work with your colleagues and collaborate with other teachers online. You don’t even have to go back and forth with exchanging files via email, whereas you can work together on the same document at the same time, wherever you are.

4. Learn/Teach with Visuals

Data visualization is very important, even in education. Many students find it easier to study if they have visuals in addition to the plain text. Students are generally more engaged in the lesson when there are different visuals such as pictures, charts, videos. The whole class experience is much engaging and dynamic to both teachers and learners.

There are tons of free educational tools that can help teachers create presentations, videos, printables that make lesson exciting and interesting. With the right tools teachers can even create quizzes, sticky notes, infographics.

5. Increase Students’ Self-Learning

Not only can you engage students during the lesson and make them understand and take part in it, but you can also rise their interest in self-learning. Thanks to the smart educational tools, students can get interested in learning, doing homework and additional exercises.

There are a lot of digital storytelling tools and e-learning gamification tools that engage students even more. Every student likes to play games and since now games are combined with learning, you can only imagine how easy it is to get a student interested in learning and practising.

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