Attitude and Teaching (How Attitude Can Positively Affect You and Your Teaching)

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Attitude and Teaching (How Attitude Can Positively Affect You and Your Teaching)

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When we say attitude can positively affect you and your teaching, I truly mean it can. This is not to "sell" you into an unrealistic belief in the magic of attitude but a true confession of someone who has personally experienced first hand at a good number of times the impact of attitude in his life and teaching career.
Here are three of the many ways in which attitude can affect you and your teaching career especially.

1. A Better and Different Person. Do you really know what attitude is? Succinctly seeing things, especially negative, differently. Looking and searching for the good in every situation and eventually locating one because surely there is goodness in every negative occurrence. Having known that, believing and working it, don't you think you'll be different from hundreds of people? The norm is to see negative in bad occurrence. People even see negative in opportunities, let alone in time of trouble. Try tell people you have a business idea and listen to their words.
Don't you think you would be better of than whom you are now? Don't you think your life and career would be positively different.? If you do not, try and persist on seeing positive in every occurrence.

2. Improved Relationship With Your Boss. In all the places I have worked, I have always encountered colleagues who complain about the boss. They would always see his/her deficiency and complain bitterly and endlessly about it. But you know what? They always have reasons to complain. The law of repetition worked against them, that, the more you complain about a situation, the more reason you would have to complain. Does that mean you should now become a fool take everything that comes your way? No. Admit the negative but search for the positive. And by the way, who doesn't have his own fault? Whose armpit is free from smell?
What do you do when you have a nagging, always complaining and never satisfied boss? Use attitude. See him or her as making you better in what you do. And in reality, if you want to be true to yourself, that's what he or she is unintentionally doing for you. She's actually training you to become a better person.

"Whatever you a going through today is actually preparing you for a better place today"- KAS

When you see it from that angle, in time, your relationship would improve with your boss and you would become his/her favorite. I guess you know what it means when you become your boss favorite.

"When you do more than you earn, you would soon earn more than you do"-Zig Ziglar

3. Improved Quality of Teaching. In leadership, it is said that everything boils down to the leader. In teaching, everything boils down to the students. If your day is fine, it boils down to the students. If otherwise, it boils down to the students. If your boss doesn't pay you on time, it affects your students. Whatever happens to you has a tremendous effect on your teaching and variably your students. The same thing happens when you have an amazingly upbeat attitude. There would be an awesome improvement in your delivery of lessons because you do not see anything but positive in your students, even the seemingly dullest among them. You do not allow what happens outside of the classroom gets into your head and mind, which eventually affects you and your teaching. You are responsible. And remember, "they would not ask you what happened but what you did"-Yawar Baig

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