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By Falohun Itunuoluwa

Dear school owner, hope you had a great break, hope you had time to relax also? I want to share with you the four factors amongst others that will affect the rate of registration of students in your school.

1. School Theme: - The way the school environment looks goes a long way in playing a major part in the FEELINGS of your prospective students or parents, and to a large extent, what a parent is looking for isn't just a tall building as the case may be, what the parent is looking for is a neat environment that is totally and completely secured, if your school can provide this then retaining your inquiries will be improved. The types of colors and designs you use in painting your classes and your environment also affects the perception of value of your prospective parents. Bright colours lighten emotion, encourage learning and motivate participation. Dull colors don’t. Also in choosing your uniforms, class paintings, designs, cardigans, and all, look towards neatness and the colour shades you pick to represent your brand.

2. Attitude:- Attitude is everything and I believe that with all of my heart, always remember that the first impression the staffs of a school have on a parents matters a lot. The attitude of every staff is reflected in the way they dress, and their manner of approach. Strategies are very good but attitude can either repel a prospective parent off your school or attract them to register in your school. A great attitude should embrace an always smiling spirit no matter what, a never aggressive nature and a servant heart.

3. Follow up: - A school with an effective follow up strategy will always have a higher opportunity of getting the students to register. Whatever the offer you make if your follow up is not effective and consistent, you have reduced the chance of ever getting them to register. One way you follow up is to create value driven events and use these events as a follow up tool. Doing this will make your school memorable in the minds of your prospects at all times, and when they look at pulling the trigger of registration, your school will be the first they will consider.

4. Offers: - There are 3 basic offers that entice the prospective parents to register and they are. GIFT OFFERS ( Souvenirs, e.t.c), DISCOUNT OFFERS (25% off on 1 child 30% off on 2 children, 40% off on 3 children e.t.c), SCHORLARSHIP OFFERS (1 term Schorlarships for a genuine reason, lifetime schorlarships after 6-8 referrals have been made, schorlarships in forms of raffle draws, schorlarship for outstanding performance in entrance examinations. e.t.c)

Note of warning, never use these offers to market your school, you must build value in the mind of your prospects that they are so willing to come to your school and the way you build these offers is by organizing strategic events in your school that your parents can experience.

Structure out your school in such a way that every inquiry is converted to a registration.

If you have a school and you are struggling with students number growth or know someone who owns a school and having problems with growth, share this write up with them or say in comments so I can reach out to you.
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