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No to Quackery

Post by Kaflad » Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:05 pm

Dear patients,
How do you feel today? Hope you are getting better? I wish you speedy recovery.. But... .
If you are being attended too by a quack, I am afraid your life might be at risk.
Not everyone in whites are Nurses!!!! Be sure a licensed practioner is taking care of you

Dear Relatives,
It's hard, yes I know... The pain of seeing a loved one on those beds!! God is your strength!! May the almighty grant them speedy recovery... But
I am afraid, they are not safe in the hands of quacks!! Ensure a licensed practioner is taking care of your person!!!
Health is wealth

Dear Quacks,
It's getting hot right? Yes..... And it will get worse!!!
I won't have issues if you dnt parade yourself as a Nurse...
You wanna be a NURSE??
Go to school, or university,not a hospital or church.
Licenced registered Nurses are not even enough!!
You will get qualified and join us in this campagin
Yoruba will say... #ojulopesi#
It won't be funny anymore....
Trust me!!!!!

Dear parents and guardians,
You want your ward to be a Nurse!!
Beautiful!!!! I love you already
Let them do it the right way and few years ahead you will be proud of them.
Let them take jamb most preferably, put in for a Nursing degree in the university.. 5years.... They are proud nurses!!!
No admission!!! Dnt give up just yet. There is the longer route!
The schools of Nursing... Severals of them...
3years... They are proud Nurses?!!
Just that they will need to go back to the university and further their education!!!
Train your wards or child to be professionals!! Not quacks!!!

Dear Nurses!!!!!
I feel your pain!!! It's my pain
I know your wishes!!! They are my dreams.....
It's annoying right? I am more angry!!!!

But you know what!!!!

We can fight this!!!!!!!
We can do this!!!!
And we will get there!!!!

Together in this generation........

One love guys!!!!!

It can only get better.


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