What Questions Can You Remember from Your NNPC Test

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What Questions Can You Remember from Your NNPC Test

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Both fresh graduates and experienced professionals wrote NNPC employment aptitude test recently. Which questions can you remember? Let's share.
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Re: What Questions Can You Remember from Your NNPC Test

Post by JobberBoy »


I wrote the test. The questions look tricky but they were easy to miss.

I can remember some of these questions

- How many protectorates were in Nigeria in 1900 (options included 1,2,3,4)
- When did Nigeria Civil War take place?
- What was the full meaning of OPEC?
- When was ECOWAS formed?
- Another question that means adding 1/6 + 3/8, although I no sure say answer dey that one.
- Which of the following is both an input and output device? Options included printer, scanner, DVD
- A computer system that connects different branches in different regions is called? Options included Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, Wide Area Network and Regional Area network

Some of my friends also came across questions like

- Where was the first capital of Nigeria?
- Which of the following was never a premier of a region in NIgeria? Osadebe and Aminu Kanu were the confusion in the options

The questions get as e be sha. We pray make God help us o. Biko, we too wan chop oyel money.

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