6 Ways To Maximize Tomato Production

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6 Ways To Maximize Tomato Production

Post by Agricinfo » Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:49 pm

Tomato is a vegetable, and lest I forget a very profitable one; but can be funny, fragile and less profitable if certain production practices are not employed to it. Here are 6 best ways to make tomato venture a profitable one-
1. Select good seeds-The best gives the best. Good and resistant varieties are best for planting, to avoid certain diseases and vulnerability. Good seeds with record of good output will assist you to achieve your target goals.
2. Timely planting-Planting tomato when the rain are just coming is not advisable. Tomato is not draught resistant. It can wither in long absence of water or irregular supply of water. Plant when the rains are steadying (April ending or beginning or May) or use irrigation.
3. Weather manipulation-no one can change weather, but can surely manipulate it for personal favour. Don’t transplant tomato seedlings in the heat of the sun neither during heavy torrential downpours. Avoid water and heat stress, “these things” are too tender.
4. Weed control- Weeds are harbour to insects and pest that can destroy your crops and tomato is very susceptible to pest attack. Best thing to do? Never allow weeds in your tomato farm.
5. Insects control-Apply insecticides appropriately. Some people do apply during nursery and then on field, some on field alone. But must be done at the right time.
6. Others-Well, good management cannot be over emphasized. Manage well and reap well. Take note of things like nursery care, transplanting, weeding, staking, pruning, post-harvesting and even sale etc. Millions await!
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Re: 6 Ways To Maximize Tomato Production

Post by AnthonyGuidry » Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:44 am

If you are facing an unhappy tomato plant then the first thing you should do is to diagnose the problem. You should cleverly check that what has to lead your plant to this problem. You should examine your plants on regular basis. Cover your plants with porous netting that will allow air flow and sunlight in while keeping pests off. You can also use some strong smelling herbs such as peppermint, lavender, mugwort, sage, etc. One can also look for professional help from professional like Pest Control Ridgefield CT which one can find online if they can not fix their problem on their own.

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